new Tunic Models

The most comfortable and useful elegance will be with you with the new Tunic Models. Order now, get it!

While catching the European fashion inspirations with our dress models, cotton is among the first choices due to its breathable structure, with the comfort of the fabric quality. With its texture, it is indispensable in the summer months and offers you comfort in hot conditions. With this structure, it brings along its antiallergenic feature. While catching elegance, dress models keep the sweating feature to a minimum with their cotton structure and bring linen to mind.

A cut prefers linen more because it keeps it cool and is more durable than cotton. Since the linen, which is mostly preferred because it does not get dirty quickly, should be paid attention to ironing while it is moist. If you are looking for a fabric that does not require ironing, the sile cloth is just for you. You can choose it with peace of mind because it does not hold sweat and gives coolness. One of the things that makes Şile cloth indispensable is that it is made of 100 percent cotton.

If you want to have the opportunity to be the most eye-catching at invitations, you can take the first step in evening dress models with viscose quality. The most distinctive feature of viscose is that it is suitable for printing according to design. This also gives a wide range of clothes. It is also very durable since it does not cause problems such as hair growth. One of the indispensable fabrics of the invitations is chiffon. It gives a brighter and draped air in chiffon dress models produced from natural silk. Because it is thin and light, you can get a flight fly look.

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Polyester, which is introduced to the market in England, is one of the choices of evening dress models with its light structure and its ability to be used without ironing. Polyester is a long-lasting fabric with its resistance to light, bacteria and wrinkling. It provides comfort to the user as it can be easily washed in the machine and dries quickly. Another type of fabric that provides comfort with its stretching feature is lycra. With its durable and strong structure, it ensures that the evening dress models fit perfectly on the body. Besides, we recommend washing it at low temperature.

New tunic models
Defying the years, wool is indispensable for the winter months, as it has been used for centuries. It is preferred because of its healthy structure and warmth. At the same time, the wool has a soft and flexible structure with its moisture absorption. One of the first choices of women in winter months is acrylic fabric, which has similar properties to wool. Although its texture resembles wool, it is more popular because it does not hold stains, is resistant to sunlight and does not deform in frequent washing.

Combining the modern and the classic in one pot, velvet is the favorite of the dress models every year with its timeless fashion. It is very suitable for dress format with its stylish appearance, soft and voluminous structure. In addition, it also defies years with its durability and not easy wear. Another classic choice of women is guipure, a fabric that steers the world fashion. Guipure, also called French lace, gives a different atmosphere to evening dresses with different motifs and stripes. In terms of raw material, silk or yarn varies according to the area of ​​use. In this wide range, women choose attractive models that they feel special and comfortable in.